Pre and Post Treatment Care

Viora Body Contour

Before treatment

Stay hydrated! Drink at least 1 liter of water daily during your entire course of treatment.

Do not use harsh cleanser 

After treatment

Redness and swelling in the treated area may occur and is a normal reaction. Use cold compresses only in the presence of adverse effects to help alleviate the symptoms. 

Following treatment, avoid the use of hot water and discontinue use of abrasive or harsh products for two days. 

In case where superficial crusting or scabbing occurs do not rub, scratch, or remove the scab. Cleanse the area gently and pat dry.

Apply a high factor sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) and protect the treated area from sunlight following the treatment

Make up may be applied immediately after the treatment.

Setting expectations

Adherence to a healthy lifestyle (drinking water and sun avoidance) is strongly recommended and may help to obtain better results.

Maintenance sessions may be required (one maintenance session every 3-6 months)

Response to the Viora treatment and the number of treatment sessions required will vary among patients and will depend on the clinical and physiological condition at the start of the treatment regimen. 

-Dramatic weight loss may have a negative effect on skin laxity.

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