Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy

Reverse Baldness with PRP Injections

One of the hardest things to hear, especially regarding your health, is, “There is nothing we can do about it.” Or maybe you’ve had to hear, “There is no cure.” The feeling of hopelessness and defeat can be overwhelming. We empathize with any of our Elite family members who have received these words and genuinely hope you never lose faith throughout your health journey.  

I know, I know… I was a little emotional at the beginning of this blog, but I have no regrets. We love every single one of our guests as if they were family. This is why Elite is expanding our service options to be able to meet any of our guests’ needs and say, “Yes, we can help you with that.” As much as possible and as often as needed.

I’m Going Bald!

For so long, baldness has been an issue without a viable solution. The causes of baldness are vast, from genetics to hormones, and it is hard to find the root of the problem. But not anymore! Baldness affects men and women, hitting on the self-esteem and confidence of those fighting against it. If you think great hair makes one feel beautiful, I agree with you, and I believe everyone should have the choice to have it or not.  

PRP Injections for Baldness

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a new procedure created to heal baldness from the inside out. PRP uses concentrated injections of two components of your blood: plasma—the liquid part of your blood—and platelets, creating a superhero team to accelerate healing. To give you an idea of what this does, PRP works as a first responder when a person suffers an injury and immediately begins the healing process by providing an increase in growth factors.  

How does the procedure work?

A highly trained professional provider will draw a blood sample and transfer it to a centrifuge machine during a PRP procedure. The machine spins the blood really fast, separating the platelets and red and white blood cells from the blood. We do this by using centrifugal force, concentrating the platelets in the plasma. Your technician will extract this mixture and administer small injections on the scalp to promote targeted healing on the affected bald or balding areas. This treatment may sound a little intense, but it is relatively safe. The only side effect is minor discomfort in the injection area(s). 

If you or your loved one suffers from balding or baldness, make an appointment for a consultation at Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center. A service provider will let you know if this treatment could be an option for you.  

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