Pre and Post Treatment Care

Pixel Laser Resurfacing

What Can Be Expected:

Meticulous wound care is crucial after skin resurfacing; below are the Elite Medical Skin & Laser Center recommendations for follow-up.  After your Skin Resurfacing treatment, please be aware and observe the following:

  • Mild to Moderate discomfort, with red or sunburned skin for the first  12-48 hours. 
  • Pixel texture and skin flaking will occur for the first 3-5 days post treatment.
  • Full recovery in 5-7 days.
  • On day 4 if skin is no longer irritated, you may start wearing light makeup… apply mineral makeup only.
  • On day 5 you may gently exfoliate. 
  • Downtime is decreased with subsequent treatments.


Be certain to adhere to the following post-treatment instructions:

  • Clean area with 1 TBSP Vinegar to 1 Cup of Water (can keep in refrigerator for comfort). 
  • Apply  Aquaphor after treatment and as needed (skin should look shiny).   

SPF is VERY important post treatment. EltaMD Post-Procedure SPF is recommended & can be put on the day after.

Please sign and date to acknowledge you have been provided a copy of the pre and post care treatment for Pixel Laser Resurfacing: