Pre and Post Treatment Care

Laser Hair Removal

Pre-treatment Instructions:

Apply SPF30 sunblock to treatment areas that are exposed to the sun. You may improve your results by limiting exposure to the sun, tanning beds or tanning lotions for four weeks prior to treatment.

Inform us if you have taken Accutane® in the past year or Tetracycline in the past month or are planning to begin taking either.

Inform us if there has been any change in your medical history since your last visit.

If needed apply topical anesthetic as directed 30 min. prior to coming in for your appointment.

✔  Please shave before your appointment.

x DO NOT wax, tweeze or have electrolysis for two weeks prior to treatment or during your treatment plan nor use hair removal lotions or hair bleach for two weeks prior to treatment.

x DO NOT use Retin-A or glycolics for three days prior to treatment.

Post treatment requirements:

Apply SPF30 sunblock on all treated areas that may be exposed to the sun.

Shaving or trimming are the only acceptable methods of hair removal between treatments.

x DO NOT expose the treated area to sun for prolonged periods for one week post treatment. During the first five days following the treatment, care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treatment site:  Avoid very hot showers/baths, massage, saunas and chemical peels.

x DO NOT use Retin-A or glycolics for five days post treatment.

Shedding of treated hair takes 7-28 days. Shedding is quicker on the face, slower on back and legs. After your treatment you may expect a mild sunburn sensation that typically lasts 2-3 hours and redness and swelling that may last one day. 

Cold compresses and Laser Enzyme Gel may be applied to reduce redness and swelling.

Your 1st follow up treatment should be in the next 4-6 weeks, subsequent appointments will be scheduled 4-12 weeks depending on the area treated. 

Treatment Information, Expectations & Risks:

-What to expect during treatment: – heat treatment, feels like a rubber band snapping, if it is painful, topical anesthetic is advised, let us know if you are allergic to topical anesthetic.

-What to expect immediately after the treatment: – the skin is pink, some swelling may occur (like goosebumps) and usually this swelling goes down in a few hours but for some it may take 2-3 days.

-Treatment immediately after the procedure – take care of the treated area, gently washes, antibacterial ointment, NO SUN EXPOSURE for at least 48 hours. 

-Potential side effects: – hypo / hyperpigmentation, blistering, rarely scarring. All of the above mentioned side effects are related to sun exposure.  Therefore, NO tanning for 4 weeks post treatments. Temporary side effects such as blisters are rare; however, should a blister or crust occur, apply Neosporin or topical antibiotic cream, keep clean, cover with a bandage, and notify the clinic.  

-Number of treatments – 6-8 body, 8-12 for face for 80 -95% hair reduction. Number of treatments can double for clients with darker skin or fine hair.  

***The above data is a statistical average. Some patients may require less or more than average number of treatments to achieve satisfactory clearance. Response to treatment varies depending on medical factors, skin, & hair types. There is also a small percentage (<1%) of idiopathic non-responders.

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