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What Is A Med Spa?

Many people know what a “Med Spa” generally means, even if they have never been to one. They can also typically recognize one easily, having an idea of what Med Spas would look like based on what movies have shown. While movies and reality TV shows might sprinkle customer experiences into the plot or timeline—real or imagined—I suspect many people have no idea what a Med Spa can do for them! The movies have painted a picture that Med Spas are expensive, exclusive, nonessential, and only for women.

So, What Exactly Is A Med Spa?

In the interest of painting a clearer and more accurate picture, here is a little history lesson explaining the invention of Med Spas as a solution to a problem.     

The word ‘spa’ originates from Latin, meaning “health through water,” which is lavish yet brilliantly insightful. We can trace the existence of spas back to ancient Roman and Greek times. People took baths in natural waters with oils made for royalty as part of purification rituals. Just like in the movies, Cleopatra, perhaps.

In the late 1980s, doctors’ ability to perform minor procedures in a relaxing and rejuvenating space created an opportunity. This was the genesis of Med Spas. Again, this business model aimed to find a solution to a problem: patients delaying treatments because they were made anxious by or afraid of the traditional medical office environment (but who isn’t?!). 

Just like that, a vision became a reality—clever, successful, and highly sought-after.

How Can I Benefit From A Med Spa?

You may still be thinking about how this can benefit you, so here are a few things to consider: 

  • Are there any skin conditions or problems you currently deal with, or would you like to prevent them?
  • Do you like to relax and get pampered?
  • Are you desiring to fit some monthly, nurturing “me time” into your budget?
  • Would you like a treatment plan tailored to your needs and specific concerns?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then a Med Spa is right for you!

This Is Where The Fun Begins – Choosing The Right Treatments

Your next step is choosing where you’ll go for your treatments, a decision not to be taken likely. In addition to steering clear of obvious things to avoid, you can find a place that goes beyond what many other Med Spas are doing; you want a professional who works for a business dedicated to making planning more manageable, experiences more enjoyable and effective, and your skin better than ever. 

At Elite Medical Skin & Laser Center, we give our clients affordable, top-of-the-line, personalized treatments with lasting results. We are proud to have a highly trained and board-certified team with passion and love for their craft. You deserve an individualized treatment designed just for you, and thanks to our Visia Complexion Analysis, we can create any treatment to fit your needs. Budget will never be an issue with our membership options, so you can stay within your budget and change treatments as you wish. 

Modern marketing is all about reviews and testimonials, and word of mouth is the best method of promotion. Ask around, and listen to what others say about a Med Spa. Don’t settle for less than Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center because you deserve the best.

Peace, Love, and Beautiful Skin… Click here to learn more about how to vet a med spa.

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