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Stressed Out

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I’m stressed out simply thinking about writing on this topic. I felt the urge to share what causes stress in our lives, but to be honest, what’s the point of curating a list? We all experience stress, so each of us has a list—maybe a long one—don’t we?

Stress is inevitable. A “normal” amount of stress can be a useful tool, and some people even call it a good thing, motivating even. And there’s certainly something to be said about thriving under pressure. On the other hand, when stress is stored, unprocessed, and out of control it can cause: cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and can lead to obesity ( Now we know what to blame for some of those extra pounds, right?!

We all have a good sense of what stress is, what it looks like, and the consequences; the toll on our body and mental health is quite staggering when we really look at it. With that said, let’s pivot this conversation to an empowering discussion: what can we do to release the pent-up stress and get some of it OUT of our systems?

Intentional Stress-Relief 

There are some fundamental approaches to our stress levels that will always have a positive impact: drinking enough water, making time for exercise, intentionally being mindful and meditating, eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest. These are a few things we can be intentional about and adjust in our lives, helping manage our stress levels and leading to a more productive and healthier lifestyle. Don’t ever discount the power these small shifts can make in your overall state of health (physical, emotional, and mental). I get it, it’s easier said than done, but modifying our approach to life will have a huge impact, supporting the body and mind underneath, fueling our desire to set higher, more attainable goals in all areas of life. After all, the saying goes, “Same choices, same outcome.” I am not sure who said that, but they are wise indeed.

Time is a commodity these days, as we live in a world that glorifies “busy.” Business drives our day-to-day routine, and as much as we want to have more time, time itself keeps ticking away, totally out of our control. It may seem counterintuitive, but what we can do, is add something to our calendars that lift us up and helps us feel more positive (with a little added beautifying result, to boot). Consequently, our Elite team is thinking ahead of your schedule, and we have great solutions for helping you manage your stress. Are you ready?

Relaxation Room

If women had a cave, as some men do, this would be it! In our case, we will call it a “castle” instead, just to keep it glamourous. Though, to be honest, our male customers love it, too! Our Relaxation Room at our med spa will help you multitask, which is the dream, right? Whenever you come to Elite to get your regular services, you have the choice to use our Relaxation Room as an add-on to your experience. This room is all about the ambiance, in addition to a couple of treats that will help you relax, rejuvenate, and feel restored.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets work as a form of deep pressure therapy, helping manage stress and anxiety, as it calms the restless body and mind.

Lower Leg Compression Massage

It is a given that a Lower Leg Compression Massage will help with blood circulation, but it is so much more. This massage helps stimulate the nervous system as it, also, reduces tension and pain in your muscles.  Stress often brings on physical symptoms, so this compressions may help to release those stressed feelings. 

Are you loving it already?

Hand Mask

There is one part of our body that can’t ever hide our true age: our hands. On top of that, we always forget to take care of them. Our Hand Mask is a great, pampering add-on to consider and repeat every time you go to Elite. Do you need any other reason to have a hand mask service? I don’t think so.

Eye & Face Mask

While you are getting your Laser Hair removal or Body Contouring, you can get an Eye and Face Mask. In doing so, you will be effectively multitasking, and I’m loving it. Ask your Elite service provider about which Eye and Face Mask option will work best for you.

LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy is a must for your add-on services. This procedure helps with relaxation and is also a great anti-aging and anti-bacterial tool. To set your mind at ease, LED light is harmless and painless to the human body. Lastly, it is a great use of your time at Elite, and you will be guaranteed to get more out of just one appointment.

You always have the option to add any of these services to almost every treatment—try one or select multiple add-ons at a time. Ask for these, and the Relaxation Room, when you are making your next appointment.

You can do more with your time with the help of our team here at Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center. Let us help you multitask during your next appointment.

Now relax… Elite will take care of the rest.

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