At Home Laser Hair Removal

Just Say ‘No’ to DIY At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever heard someone say this: “Be wise with your money?” On one hand, this seems simple enough. On the other, I don’t think it means one has to D.I.Y. everything to save every single possible penny! Have you seen some of the botch jobs out there?? While each one of us has unique and impressive talents and skills, I genuinely believe some things are better left to professionals. We have all seen that one cousin cut her own bangs or people on Facebook who somehow thought they could do their own home renovations, and… wow!

That said, sure investments will pay off in the future: using quality skincare products, eating a healthy diet, underwear (this is for another blog!), and—I have recently added one—laser hair removal. I have listened to stories about this lasering phenomenon for years, not believing the investment was worth it. The need to shave time off daily mundane tasks (see what I did there?) came around, so I decided to try laser hair removal, and, to my complete surprise, I’m a believer! At the end of this blog, I will try to convince you to never try laser hair removal at home, but you need to hear a little bit from my personal experience first, before you get that part. 

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Scary

When I arrived for my first laser hair removal appointment, I had no expectations—like zero—regarding the amount of pain involved, the duration of treatment, the need for one or more sessions, or the cost of the service. I pretty much arrived at my appointment thinking it could either be the best or the worst experience ever. I decided if I was going to go for it, I would go ALL in. Because of that, my appointment was for a “full-body” laser hair removal session. 

The machine used for this process had an extension that looked like an overweight gun, and I learned it would be my friend for the next six sessions. The fantastic Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center technician applied a cold gel similar to the one doctors use to do sonograms, and the lasering adventure began. The first spot was under my arms, and even though I could faintly smell the hair burning, I didn’t feel any pain. In some areas, where the laser stayed focused for a bit longer, I felt a slight burning sensation. But, once I said something, my service provider reduced the intensity promptly, resolving the issue. 

My provider worked in small sections, targeting each for 60 seconds. (I saw this because the machine has a timer. Clever, right?) The Elite technician repeated the same process with all the other places she treated. After my session, which lasted about an hour, she gave me wipes to clean off the remainder of the gel. The staff also ensured I understood all after-care instructions and answered any questions. 

So, When Did I See Results?

Now, to the best part! My service provider told me I would notice the most significant change after my first appointment, and she was correct. After the first session, I didn’t have to shave under my arms for over a week! I’m totally serious! This is a huge miracle for me because I have been shaving daily for over 15 years. I know it’s horrible, but that’s how quickly my hair grows, and all the shaving ended up leaving a dark spot under each arm; those are gone—that was an unexpected perk!

I can’t imagine doing laser hair removal at home, especially after seeing first-hand how sophisticated the laser machine was. Also, knowing I have someone behind that red light who knows exactly what they are doing makes every penny worth it! I’m honestly a huge believer in this treatment, now. So… I’d like to take this time to publicly apologize to all the friends I never listened to when they told me about laser hair removal. I was wrong; you were absolutely right. 

DIY Isn’t For Everything

If, after this story, you still have that at-home laser hair removal device in your online shopping cart, let me tell you a few facts about it:

  • The FDA doesn’t regulate at-home laser hair removal devices.
  • At-home treatment will take as long—probably longer—than a professional treatment, and you’ll have to repeat the treatment countless times when compared to the initial six sessions and any necessary follow-up sessions (typically three per year, sometimes less).
  • The at-home devices have a much lower intensity; it has been proven that the hair grows back faster.
  • Because you can’t see the area you are targeting, you can cause redness, irritation, or even burn your skin.
  • At-home devices have a limited battery supply, making the process take much longer. 
So, How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Let’s talk about the price. At-home laser hair removal devices cost between $200–$1000, and professional treatment can cost the same amount, depending on the areas you wish to target. You are only a phone call away from discovering freedom from a daily date with your razor. I can’t begin to tell you how liberated I feel! Life is significantly more manageable when you simplify—that’s my motto. Now, I have one less extremely tedious but necessary daily task on my “must-do” list, all thanks to Elite Medical Skin Laser Center and the magic of laser hair removal.

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