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Men’s Skin Care – This One’s For You, Hombre

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When most men hear the word “spa,” they automatically think about a place for women—flower-scented candles, bubble baths, and French nails (even though they might not know that is the technical name for nails with a white tip!). So, let’s go straight to the point: 90% of medical spa clientele in the United States are women, which results in predominantly targeted marketing strategies for women and their skin care. If you pardon the generalizations, women love flowers, bubble baths, and French nails. On the other hand, the science behind the skin care treatments and the final results are found to interest men most of all. Men’s skin care is a thing. Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center wants to help all our hombres find a place where they belong. 

Gentlemen, if you can relate to any of these issues, Elite has a skin care solution for you…

I Have Ingrown Hair and/or Excess Hair In Non-Desirable Areas

Laser Hair Removal is your solution! This non-painful treatment diminishes the growth of hair by weakening the follicle and reducing and/or stopping the hair from growing back. 

Results: After a few sessions, your hair will stop growing in the treated areas (only), and you will have smoother hairless skin. This treatment can be done on the whole body, including on coarse hair on the face and neck. 

Working Out Isn’t Working To Shape My Body 100%

Body Contouring is what you need! This treatment helps reduce fatty tissue deposits while creating tighter skin on your face and/or body. This treatment uses heat, radiofrequency waves, and vacuum therapy to give you the results you want. I know it must sound like a lot, but don’t worry; this treatment has mild to no discomfort and zero side effects. Way better than surgery, right?

Results: Body contouring will produce tighter skin and a more refined, more desired body shape. 

Aging and Sun Exposure Are Causing My Skin To Wrinkle

“Bro”tox is what you are looking for! BOTOX© does way more than reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It treats many medical issues, such as severe migraines, TMJ, and profuse sweating! It is a big miracle in a little bottle.

Results: Botox offers many benefits, including reducing small lines and wrinkles and jaw tension. It can even stop the sweat glands from producing too much sweat. This procedure not only makes your skin look smoother and younger, but it also helps you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious! 

Do You Want To Look and Feel Younger But Don’t Know How?

Anti-aging treatments: Not everyone should follow the same regimen to look younger. Here at Elite Medical and Skin Center, we thrive in customizing treatments for our guests. From hydration to chemical peels, we have all the tools to fix any concerns that may arise. We will work with you, discuss the issue, fix the problem, and help you maintain your desired effects.

Results: You will have younger, smoother, and more radiant-looking skin. 

You are an appointment away from achieving your desired results! Make your first appointment for a consultation today! We will provide any information you may need to meet your goals. 

And, ladies, you know how much you love the results you get at Elite. The man in your life will love his results, too! Why not snag him a gift card so he can see the same benefits? FYI: this is a great Christmas present! Share this blog with all the men in your life so that they can set the tone for healthier-looking and more vibrant skin. 

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