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Laser Hair Removal – What, Where, and How Much?

Waxing, shaving, depilatory or bleaching creams, and tweezing, among other things, are a never-ending body and facial hair maintenance story far too familiar for many of us. All these hair removal methods involve the potential for pain, rashes, ingrown hairs, and itching, not to mention the amount of time needed—a lot of time—and did I mention pain already? I remember my mom’s story about how shaving under my arms every day would leave a dark stain and was she right? Yes, yes, she was. I have shaved under my arms since I was a teenager. The dark spot is still there, nagging at me every time I put on my deodorant. It reminds me that my mother was right. Again. My stubbornness left me with a problem, and I was all but desperate to find a solution.


Excess or unwanted body or facial hair is a common problem that most EVERYONE, male or female, will face. No one is exempt. We have all tried the DIY methods at some point in our lives (and may have even let our friends pull the wax strips because we did not have the guts to do it ourselves!). I know—been there, done that. The great news is that we have a solution for you. To be more specific, Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center has just the answer you’ve been looking for in laser hair removal.

When you are tired of spending excessive time and energy and far too much money while getting the same results, you need to call the experts. Don’t think you can afford it? Think again! There is a big myth out there that laser hair removal is an expensive treatment. However, suppose you do the math between all the waxing, razors, creams, and dermatology appointments needed due to rashes and ingrown hairs. In that case, laser hair removal is pennies on the dollar compared to the thousands you will spend on the products, methods, and doctor’s appointments needed over a lifetime. Let’s address the excess and unwanted body and facial hair issues together, and then you can have a liberated life after Laser Hair Removal.


Laser Hair Removal is a simple and painless treatment that targets dark hairs in undesirable areas. LHR is a treatment that has to be done in multiple sessions, approximately 4–6 weeks apart, so that most hair follicles are targeted during the hair growth phase. Some retouching or maintenance may need to be done yearly, but it will be much less frequent: perhaps three or four times yearly. Our body produces hair in different phases, mainly because some hair follicles remain dormant in different body locations for many reasons, including hormones and human nature, which is why a yearly retouch is required. The process is simple, as well as safe, to undergo at any time. Still, treatment during the fall or winter is highly recommended because you endure a lot less direct sun exposure during that time.


Easy—if you shave, wax, or tweeze ANY part of your body, you are pretty much a great candidate for Laser Hair Removal. This procedure strives to make your life easier and is only an appointment away. Just keep reading. You will thank me later.


Prices may vary with each section treated. We can personalize every treatment to your needs. Some of the treatment areas include:

  • Legs
  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Happy Trail
  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Bikini Line
  • Brazilian
  • Toes
  • Sideburns
  • Neck

One of the benefits of having Elite as your provider is that we give you 50% off the next time you come to get your retouches, and it can’t get better than that. We also have membership opportunities with exclusive discounts for our premier services and products. Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center has excellent specials for Laser Hair Removal, including several treatment areas for one competitive price. 

You deserve the best, and we will give you the best. Call us today! We want to make a difference for you and make your life easier (not to mention less hairy!).

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